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TW& Traffic Control is a Penn Dot Approved Dealer for traffic signs. Below you will find the full list of signs with their Sign Designation Code from the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Navigate to the sign you need by clicking through the tabs.

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w2-1 speedlimit


r6-1 one wayright


r8-3 no parking




w11-21 pedestiran sign
















Sign or Plaque Sign Designation Code
Stop R1-1
Yield R1-2
To Oncoming Traffic (plaque) R1-2aP
All Way (plaque) R1-3P
Yield Here to Peds R1-5
Yield Here to Pedestrians R1-5a
Stop Here for Peds R1-5b
Stop Here for Pedestrians R1-5c
In-Street Ped Crossing R1-6 or 6a
Overhead Ped Crossing R1-9 or 9a
Except Right Turn (plaque) R1-10P
Speed Limit R2-1
Truck Speed Limit (plaque) R2-2P
Night Speed Limit (plaque) R2-3P
Minimum Speed Limit (plaque) R2-4P
Combined Speed Limit R2-4a
Unless Otherwise Posted (plaque) R2-5P
Citywide (plaque) R2-5aP
Neighborhood (plaque) R2-5bP
Residential (plaque) R2-5cP
Fines Higher (plaque) R2-6P
Fines Double (plaque) R2-6aP
$XX Fine (plaque) R2-6bP
Begin Higher Fines Zone R2-10
End Higher Fines Zone R2-11
Movement Prohibition R3/1/2/3/4/18 /27
Mandatory Movement Lane Control R3-5 or 5a
Left Lane (plaque) R3-5bP
HOV 2+ (plaque) R3-5cP
Taxi Lane (plaque) R3-5dP
Center Lane (plaque) R3-5eP
Right Lane (plaque) R3-5fP
Bus Lane (plaque) R3-5gP
Optional Movement Lane Control R3-6
Right (Left) Lane Must Turn Right (Left) R3-7
Advance Intersection Lane Control R3-8 or 8a or 8b
Two-Way Left Turn Only (overhead) R3-9a
Two-Way Left Turn Only (post-mounted) R3-9b
END R3-9dP
Reversible Lane Control (symbol) R3-9e
Reversible Lane Control (post-mounted) R3-9f
Advance Reversible Lane Control Transition Signing R3-9g or 9h
End Reverse Lane R3-9i
Begin Right (Left) Turn Lane R3-20
All Turns (U Turn) from Right Lane R3-23 or 23a
All Turns (U Turn) with arrow R324/24b or 25/25b/26a
U and Left Turns with arrow R3-24a or 25a or 26
Right Lane Must Exit R3-33
Do Not Pass R4-1
Pass With Care
Slower Traffic Keep Right R4-3
Trucks Use Right Lane R4-5
Keep Right R4-7 or 7a or 7b
Narrow Keep Right R4-7c
Keep Left
 R4-8 or 8a or 8b
Narrow Keep Left
Stay in Lane R4-9
Runaway Vehicles Only R4-10
Slow Vehicles with XX or More Following Vehicles Must Use Turn-Out R4-12
Slow Vehicles Must Use Turn-Out Ahead R4-13
Slow Vehicles Must Turn Out R4-14
Keep Right Except to Pass R4-16
Do Not Drive on Shoulder R4-17
Do Not Pass on Shoulder R4-18
Do Not Enter R5-1
Wrong Way R5-1
No Trucks R5-2 or 2a
No Motor Vehicles R5-3
No Commercial Vehicles R5-4
No Vehicles with Lugs R5-5
No Bicycles R5-6
No Non-Motorized Traffic R5-7
No Motor-Driven Cycles R5-8
No Pedestrians/Bicycles/Motor-Driven Cycles R5-10a
No Pedestrians or Bicycles R5-10b
No Pedestrians
Authorized Vehicles Only One Way R5-11
One Way R6-1
Divided Highway Crossing R6-3 or 3a
Roundabout Directional (2 chevrons) R6-4
Roundabout Directional (3 chevrons) R6-4a
Roundabout Directional (4 chevrons) R6-4b
Roundabout Circulation (plaque) R6-5P
Parking Restrictions R7-1 or 2/2a or
3/4/5/6/7/8/21/21a or
Van Accessible (plaque) R7-8P
Fee Station R7-20
No Parking (with transit logo) R7-107a
No Parking/Restricted Parking (combined sign) R7-200
No Parking/Restricted Parking (combined sign) R7-200a
Tow Away Zone (plaque) R7-201P or 201aP
This Side of Sign (plaque) R7-202P
Emergency Snow Route R7-203
No Parking on Pavement R8-1
No Parking Except on Shoulder R8-2
No Parking (symbol) R8-3
No Parking R8-3a
Except Sundays and Holidays (plaque) R8-3bP
On Pavement (plaque) R8-3cP
On Bridge (plaque) R8-3dP
On Tracks (plaque)
Except on Shoulder (plaque) R8-3fP
Loading Zone (plaque)
Times of Day (plaque) R8-3hP
Emergency Parking Only
No Stopping on Pavement
No Stopping Except on Shoulder R8-6
Emergency Stopping Only
Walk on Left Facing Traffic
Cross Only at Crosswalks
No Pedestrian Crossing (symbol) R9-3
No Pedestrian Crossing
Use Crosswalk (plaque) R9-3bP
No Hitchhiking (symbol)
No Hitchhiking
No Skaters
No Equestrians
Cross Only On Green R9-10
Pedestrian Signs and Plaques R10-2 or 3/3b/3c/3d/4
Pedestrian Signs R10-3a or 3e/3f/3g/3h/3i/4a
Left on Green Arrow Only R10-5
Stop Here on Red R10-6
Stop Here on Red R10-6a
Do Not Block Intersection R10-7
Use Lane with Green Arrow R10-8
Left (Right) Turn Signal R10-10
No Turn on Red R10-11
No Turn on Red R10-11a
No Turn on Red R10-11b
No Turn on Red Except From Right Lane R10-11c
No Turn on Red From This Lane R10-11d
Left Turn Yield on Green R10-12
Emergency Signal R10-13
Emergency Signal – Stop on Flashing Red R10-14
Emergency Signal – Stop on Flashing Red (overhead) R10-14a
Turning Vehicles Yield to Peds R10-15
U-Turn Yield to Right Turn
Right on Red Arrow After Stop R10-17a
Traffic Laws Photo Enforced R10-18
Photo Enforced (symbol plaque) R10-19P
Photo Enforced (plaque) R10-19aP
MON—FRI (and times) (3 lines) (plaque) R10-20aP
SUNDAY (and times) (2 lines) (plaque) R10-20aP
Crosswalk/Stop on Red R10-23
Push Button To Turn On Warning Lights R10-25
Left Turn Yield on Flashing Red Arrow After Stop R10-27
XX Vehicles Per Green R10-28
XX Vehicles Per Green Each Lane R10-29
Right Turn on Red Must Yield to U-Turn R10-30
At Signal (plaque) R10-31P
Push Button for 2 Seconds for Extra Crossing Time R10-32P
Keep Off Median R11-1
Road Closed R11-2
Road Closed – Local Traffic Only R11-3a or 3b or 4
Weight Limit R12-1 or 2
Weight Limit R12-3
Weight Limit R12-4
Weight Limit R12-5
Weigh Station R13-1
Truck Route R14-1
Hazardous Material R14-2 or 3
National Network R14-4 or 5
Fender Bender Move Vehicles R16-4
Lights On When Using Wipers or Raining R16-5 or 6
Turn On Headlights Next XX Miles R16-7
Turn On/Check Headlights R16-8 or 9
Begin/End Daytime Headlight Section R16-10 or 11


Sign or Plaque Sign Designation Code
Horizontal Alignment W1-1 or 2/3/4/5
Combination Horizontal Alignment/Advisory Speed W1-1a or 2a
One-Direction Large Arrow W1-6
Two-Direction Large Arrow W1-7
Chevron Alignment W1-8
Combination Horizontal Alignment/Intersection W1-10 or 10a/10b/10c/10d/10e
Hairpin Curve W1-11
Truck Rollover W1-13
270-degree Loop W1-15
Intersection Warning W2-1 or 2/3/4/5/6/7/8
Advanced Traffic Control W3-1 or 2/3
Be Prepared to Stop W3-4
Reduced Speed Limit Ahead W3-5
XX MPH Speed Zone Ahead W3-5a
Draw Bridge W3-6
Ramp Meter Ahead W3-7
Ramp Metered When Flashing W3-8
Merge W4-1
Lane Ends W4-2
Added Lane W4-3
Cross Traffic Does Not Stop (plaque) W4-4P
Traffic From Left (Right) Does Not Stop (plaque) W4-4aP
Oncoming Traffic Does Not Stop (plaque) W4-4bP
Entering Roadway Merge W4-5
No Merge Area (plaque) W4-5P
Entering Roadway Added Lane W4-6
Road Narrows W5-1
Narrow Bridge W5-2
One Lane Bridge W5-3
Divided Highway W6-1
Divided Highway Ends W6-2
Two-Way Traffic W6-3
Hill W7-1
Hill with Grade W7-1a
Use Low Gear (plaque) W7-2P
Trucks Use Lower Gear (plaque) W7-2bP
XX% Grade (plaque) W7-3P
Next XX Miles (plaque) W7-3aP
XX% Grade/XX Miles (plaque) W7-3bP
Runaway Truck Ramp XX Miles W7-4
Runaway Truck Ramp (with arrow) W7-4b
Truck Escape Ramp W7-4c
Sand/Gravel/Paved (plaques) W7-4dP or 4eP/4fP
Hill Blocks View W7-6
Bump or Dip W8-1 or 2
Pavement Ends W8-3
Soft Shoulder W8-4
Slippery When Wet W8-5
Road Condition (plaques) W8-5P or 5bP/5cP
Ice W8-5aP
Truck Crossing W8-6
Loose Gravel W8-6
Rough Road W8-8
Low Shoulder W8-9
Uneven Lanes W8-11
No Center Line W8-12
Bridge Ices Before Road W8-13
Fallen Rocks W8-14
Grooved Pavement W8-15
Motorcycle (plaque) W8-15P
Metal Bridge Deck W8-16
Shoulder Drop Off (symbol) W8-17
Shoulder Drop-Off (plaque) W8-17P
Road May Flood W8-18
Flood Gauge W8-19
Gusty Winds Area W8-21
Fog Area W8-22
No Shoulder W8-23
Shoulder Ends W8-25
Left (Right) Lane Ends W9-1
Lane Ends Merge Left (Right) W9-2
Right (Left) Lane Exit Only Ahead W9-7
Bicycle W11-1
Pedestrian W11-2
Large Animals W11-3 or 4/16/17/18/19/20/21/22
Farm Vehicle W11-5 or 5a
Snowmobile W11-6
Equestrian W11-7
Emergency Vehicle W11-8
Handicapped W11-9
Truck W11-10
Golf Cart W11-11
Emergency Signal Ahead (plaque) W11-12P
Horse-Drawn Vehicle W11-14
Bicycle / Pedestrian W11-15
Trail Crossing W11-15a
Trail X-ing (plaque) W11-15P
Double Arrow W12-1
Low Clearance (with arrows) W12-2
Low Clearance W12-2a
Advisory Speed (plaque) W13-1P
Advisory Exit or Ramp Speed W13-2 or 3
Combination Horizontal Alignment/Advisory Exit or Ramp Speed W13-6 or 7
Dead End/No Outlet W14-1 or 2
Dead End/No Outlet (with arrow) W14-1a or 2a
No Passing Zone (pennant) W14-3
Playground W15-1
Share the Road (plaque) W16-1P
XX Feet W16-2P
XX Ft W16-2aP
XX Miles (2-line plaque) W16-3P
XX Miles (1-line plaque) W16-3aP
Next XX Feet (plaque) W16-4P
Supplemental Arrow (plaque) W16-5P or 6P
Downward Diagonal Arrow (plaque) W16-7P
Advance Street Name (1-line plaque) W16-8P
Advance Street Name (2-line plaque) W16-8aP
Ahead (plaque) W16-9P
Photo Enforced (symbol plaque) W16-10P
Photo Enforced (plaque) W16-10aP
HOV (plaque) W16-11P
Traffic Circle (plaque) W16-12P
When Flashing (plaque) W16-13P
New (plaque) W16-15P
Roundabout (plaque) W16-17P
Speed Hump W17-1
Freeway Ends XX Miles W19-1
Expressway Ends XX Miles W19-2
Freeway Ends W19-3
Expressway Ends W19-4
All Traffic Must Exit W19-5
New Traffic Pattern Ahead W23-2
Traffic Signal Extended Green W25-1 or 2

General Information/General Service

Sign or Plaque Sign Designation Code
Reference Location (1 digit) D10-1
Intermediate Reference Location (2 digits) D10-1a
Reference Location (2 digits) D10-2
Intermediate Reference Location (3 digits) D10-2a
Reference Location (3 digits) D10-3
Intermediate Reference Location (4 digits) D10-3a
Enhanced Reference Location D10-4
Intermediate Enhanced Reference Location D10-5
Acknowledgement D14-1
Acknowledgement D14-2
Acknowledgement D14-3
Signals Set for XX MPH I1-1
Jurisdictional Boundary I-2
Geographical Features I-3
Airport I-5
Bus Station I-6
Train Station I-7
Library I-8
Vehicle Ferry Terminal I-9
Recycling Collection Center I-11
Light Rail Transit Station I-12
Sign or Plaque Sign Designation Code
Rest Area XX Miles D5-1
Rest Area Next Right D5-1a
Rest Area (with arrow) D5-2
Rest Area Gore D5-2a
Rest Area (with horizontal arrow) D5-5
Next Rest Area XX Miles D5-6
Rest Area Tourist Info Center XX Miles D5-7
Rest Area Tourist Info Center (with arrow) D5-8
Rest Area Tourist Info Center Next Right D5-11
Interstate Oasis D5-12
Interstate Oasis (plaque) D5-12P
Brake Check Area XX Miles D5-13
Brake Check Area (with arrow) D5-14
Chain-Up Area XX Miles D5-15
Chain-Up Area (with arrow) D5-16
Telephone D9-1
Hospital D9-2
Camping D9-3
Trailer Camping D9-3a
Litter Container D9-4
Handicapped D9-6
Van Accessible (plaque) D9-6P
Gas D9-7
Food D9-8
Lodging D9-9
Tourist Information D9-10
Diesel Fuel D9-11
Alternative Fuel – Compressed Natural Gas D9-11a
Electric Vehicle Charging D9-11b
Electric Vehicle Charging (plaque) D9-11bP
Alternative Fuel – Ethanol D9-11c
RV Sanitatary Station D9-12
Emergency Medical Services D9-13
Hospital (plaque) D9-13aP
Ambulance Station (plaque) D9-13bP
Emergency Medical Care (plaque) D9-13cP
Trauma Center (plaque) D9-13dP
Police D9-14
Propane Gas D9-15
Truck Parking D9-16
Next Services XX Miles (plaque) D9-17P
General Services (up to 6 symbols) D9-18
General Services D9-18a
General Services (up to 6 symbols) with Action or Exit Information D9-18b
General Services with Action or Exit Information D9-18c
Pharmacy D9-20
24-Hour (plaque) D9-20aP
Telecommunication Device for the Deaf D9-21
Wireless Internet D9-22
Weather Information D12-1
Carpool Information D12-2
Channel 9 Monitored D12-3
Emergency Call 911 D12-4
Travel Info Call 511 (pictograph) D12-5
Travel Info Call 511 D12-5a

Recreational/Cultural Interest

Sign or Plaque Sign Designation Code
Bear Viewing Area RS-012
Bus Stop RS-031
Campfires * RS-042
Cans or Bottles * RS-101
Cultural Interest Area RS-142
Dam RS-009
Deer Viewing Area RS-011
Falling Rocks * RS-008
Fire Extinguisher * RS-090
Lighthouse RS-007
Lookout Tower RS-006
Nature Study Area RS-141
Pets on Leash * RS-017
Pick-Up Trucks RS-140
Point of Interest RS-080
Radios * RS-103
Rattlesnakes * RS-099
Recycling * RS-200
Sea Plane RS-115
Smoking * RS-002
Snack Bar * RS-102
Stay on Trail * RS-123
Strollers * RS-111
Tunnel RS-005
Viewing Area RS-036
Walk on Boardwalk * RS-122
Wood Gathering * RS-120
Baby Changing Station (Men’s Room) RS-137
Baby Changing Station (Women’s Room) RS-138
Men’s Restroom RS-021
Parking RS-034
Recreational Vehicle Site RS-104
Restrooms RS-022
Sleeping Shelter * RS-037
Trailer Site RS-040
Walk-In Camp RS-148
Women’s Restroom RS-023
Drinking Water RS-013
Electrical Hook-Up RS-150
Firewood Cutting * RS-112
First Aid RS-024
Grocery Store RS-020
Kennel RS-045
Laundromat RS-085
Litter Receptacle RS-086
Lockers/Storage * RS-030
Mechanic RS-027
Picnic Shelter RS-039
Picnic Site RS-044
Post Office RS-026
Ranger Station RS-015
Sanitary Station RS-041
Showers * RS-035
Stable RS-073
Theater RS-109
Trail Shelter * RS-043
Tramway RS-071
Trash Dumpster RS-091
Land Recreation
All-Terrain Trail RS-095
Amphitheater RS-070
Archery RS-116
Baseball * RS-096
Climbing * RS-082
Corral RS-149
Driving Tour RS-113
Exercise/Fitness RS-097
Golfing * RS-128
Hang Gliding RS-126
Hiking Trail RS-068
Horse Trail RS-064
In-Line Skating RS-125
Interpretive Trail RS-114
Off-Road Vehicle Trail RS-067
Rock Collecting * RS-083
Skateboarding * RS-098
Spelunking/Caves RS-084
Technical Rock Climbing RS-081
Tennis RS-129
Wildlife Viewing RS-076
Water Recreation
Beach RS-145
Boat Motor RS-147
Boat Ramp RS-054
Canoeing RS-079
Diving RS-062
Fish Cleaning * RS-093
Fish Hatchery RS-010
Fish Ladder * RS-089
Fishing Area RS-063
Fishing Pier RS-119
Hand Launch/Small Boat Launch RS-117
Jet Ski/Personal Watercraft RS-121
Kayaking RS-118
Lifejackets * RS-094
Marina RS-053
Motorboating RS-055
Rafting RS-146
Rowboating RS-057
Sailing RS-056
Scuba Diving RS-060
Seal Viewing RS-106
Surfing RS-059
Swimming RS-061
Tour Boat RS-087
Wading RS-088
Waterskiing RS-058
Whale Viewing RS-107
Wind Surfing RS-108
Winter Recreation
Chair Lift/Ski Lift RS-105
Cross Country Skiing RS-046
Dog Sledding RS-143
Downhill Skiing RS-047
Ice Fishing RS-092
Ice Skating RS-050
Ski Jumping RS-048
Sledding RS-049
Snow Tubing RS-144
Snowboarding RS-127
Snowmobiling RS-052
Snowshoeing RS-078
Winter Recreational Area RS-077
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